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In 1996, Bill Gates declared: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

The same holds true for 3D printing. The world is talking about 3D printers, and what one can print with them. Most emphasis has been put on printers and printing technology, and there is no doubt that the industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, for 3D printing to prosper, there must be items to print, marketplaces where those items can be found and secure distribution channels. A 3D publisher focuses on the 3D content, irrespective where the 3D model will be 3D printed. This offers new opportunities for traditional publishers, content rich organisations, brands, entrepreneurs and others.

      • The rise of digital distribution of 3D models will lead to the rise of 3D publishers
      • There will be an increased focus on creating and distributing 3D content
      • 3D model creators, designers and authors who design their own work will find income and careers in the digital marketplaces
      • 3D publishers will leverage current vetting systems, connections, and reputation to launch new marketplaces and distribution systems
      • Printing specialists will partner with content owners with in order to fill their production facilities
      • New models using existing Intellectual Property and brands will arise
      • A wider ecosystem of specialists in the management and promotion of 3D printing networks will arise

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Benefits of attending. The 3D Publishing Conference will consider these issues, present case studies from existing companies working in the space and from startups bringing new models and tools to the table. The conference will also consider legal and technical issues, marketplaces, distribution networks, control and ownership issues and look at how some of the biggest brands in the world are undertaking their first steps into 3D Publishing.

Who should attend?

      • Media industry professionals who want to learn about the 3D printing market and are how they can reuse their content in this new exciting 3D market
      • 3D professionals who are looking for partners who have the network to bring their 3D products successfully in the market
      • 3D hard- and software tool suppliers who offer new ways of converting existing 2D/3D content into printable content
      • Brand professionals
      • IP specialists and lawyers
      • Designers and executives from design companies
      • 3D printing tools companies
      • Entrepreneurs

3D content, the next big thing for innovative companies.

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